Ariane Primeau,
François Boucher,
Bianca Bernard,
Jean-Marcel Pilon,
LL.B., M.B.A.

Jean-Marcel Pilon
LL.B., M.B.A.

Jean-Marcel Pilon specializes in commercial, corporate and real estate law, as well as commercial litigation. He represents a diverse clientele, including real estate developers, general contractors, businesspersons and SMEs, in matters related to their business activities, contract review and negotiation, and lawsuit prevention.

Involved in the family business for more than 15 years, with a degree in accounting and a master’s degree in business administration, Pilon is gifted with acute business sense.

His training and experience make him a pragmatic, creative lawyer with a unique perspective on the practice of law. With approximately twenty years of experience in law firms and business, he guides and supports companies of all sizes through every stage of their development, including incorporation, shareholder agreements, trade agreements, employee incentives, partnerships, financing and acquisitions.

Pilon distinguishes himself with his result-oriented approach and the practical solutions he proposes. His experience and listening skills help the clients of PME Avocats arrive at a clearer understanding of the challenges they face.

Bianca Bernard

Bianca Bernard is our specialist in civil and commercial litigation. Her versatility enables her to skillfully guide and support her clients in a variety of corporate, real estate and personal matters, while her experience in litigation allows her to provide her clients with a proactive, big-picture perspective.

Bernard is committed to advising and assisting her clients in accordance with their specific needs and resources. She adapts her approach to each individual case and will give you the appropriate guidance depending on the legal problems you are currently facing or foresee in the future. She represents businesspersons, investors, companies and individuals.

Before joining PME Avocats, Bernard practiced family and civil law in the Laval area, where she discovered her genuine passion for litigation of all types.

Bernard has participated in a variety of negotiations, both private and within the legal system, and has drawn up numerous agreements and deals for her clients.

She has also had the opportunity to work on major cases, representing clients before various legal authorities, including the Court of Quebec, the Superior Court of Quebec and the Quebec Court of Appeal. Bernard regularly appears in a number of different courthouses and can manage cases in any region of Quebec, especially Valleyfield, Montreal, Laval, Saint-Jérôme and Longueuil.

François Boucher

François Boucher studied law at the University of Ottawa and was admitted to the Bar in 1977. He has always worked in private practice, dealing primarily with civil and commercial matters.

Serving clientele that includes small and medium-sized enterprises, financial institutions, parapublic agencies and individuals, he has managed numerous cases in matters as varied as foreclosures and enforcement proceedings, company restructuring, the sale and acquisition of companies, bankruptcies, corporate law, labor law and the implementation of memoranda of understanding. He has worked on collective agreements with cities and municipalities.

Over the years, he has developed expertise in complex litigation, pleading his clients’ cases at all the different levels of the court.

Additionally, he has gained extensive experience in contractual matters, structuring deals for his clients so as to ensure their long-term security. Whenever he is consulted, whether by companies facing important transactions or by individuals concerned about safeguarding their assets, first and foremost, he carefully studies every problem. The proposed solutions are intended to be permanent and are based on a solid approach, always taking the client’s needs and the economic aspects of the situation into account.

When advising his business clientele, he aims to build solid, lasting relationships. He believes that the solutions to the problems presented to him should be beneficial to the company over the long term. While short-term solutions can sometimes be useful, easier or more accessible, they should only be implemented on a temporary basis.

Ariane Primeau

Ariane Primeau earned her bachelor’s degree in law from the University of Montreal and was admitted to the Bar of Quebec in July of 2019.

Assiduous in nature, she provides valuable assistance to Attorneys Bernard and Pilon in their cases. She gives the best of herself in every assignment, whether civil, commercial or corporate litigation.

Given her varied interests, she is happy to work in the firm’s diverse areas of expertise, especially in corporate and commercial law. Since beginning her internship with the firm in July of 2019, Primeau has developed several new skills and acquired new knowledge in a number of areas, including latent defects, commercial leases and corporate law.

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