For more than 10 years, the lawyers at PME Avocats have been honing their expertise in business, commercial and corporate law, developing an effective approach, focussed notably on the search for practical, long-term solutions. We specialize in the following areas:



ME Avocats can draft and file your Articles of Incorporation, including the description of shareholder capital and all the other documentation that is required to form a corporation in Quebec and in Canada. In addition to our expertise in forming corporations, we regularly undertake the procedures involved in corporate restructuring and other corporate services.

Shareholder agreements


efining the relationship between business partners through a shareholder agreement that’s based on your true needs enables you to immediately clarify the partnership in order to avoid certain problems and scenarios down the road, including the death or departure of a shareholder, the value of a share repurchase and the method of paying shares. Our team can advise you and help you understand the challenges and prevent the problems that could occur sooner or later in the context of a relationship between shareholders, especially with regard to thorny issues like profit-sharing and the responsibilities of the shareholders and officers of the corporation.

Commercial contracts


ME Avocats is your number-one resource for all your needs related to commercial contracts. From legal advice to contract negotiation and drafting, our lawyers will ensure that your agreements safeguard the interests of your company. Our team can assist you with everything from contracts for the sale or acquisition of a business to service contracts, distribution agreements, private label agreements, strategic partnership agreements and non-disclosure agreements.



ur understanding of our clients’ business needs and the challenges they face enables us to effectively advise franchisors and franchisees, alike. Our team is recognized for its skill in drafting and negotiating agreements related to franchise operations, especially in the areas of employment contracts, real estate development, commercial leases, intellectual property, licensing, eCommerce

Commercial transactions, sales and acquisitions of companies and assets


ur team of professionals has the necessary skills in commercial transactions to guide you through the various stages of purchasing or selling a company. Our experience has taught us the importance of maximizing the tax advantages of all the parties involved in the transaction.

Labor law


n the course of running a business, it’s often necessary to negotiate and draw up labor contracts with key employees. Under certain circumstances, it may also be recommendable to include non-disclosure clauses, non-solicitation clauses and covenants not to compete. The attorneys at PME Avocats regularly provide assistance in cases like these, in addition to ensuring compliance with applicable labor regulations and managing claims for wrongful termination. By retaining the services of PME Avocats, you’ll greatly improve the chances of optimizing your results and minimizing your costs.

Business strategy


usinesspersons often need a legal advisor to assist them in the strategic decision-making process. The lawyers at PME Avocats have the ability to guide and support you in these difficult choices. In addition to legal matters, we can assist you in starting up a company, preparing strategic plans, negotiating long-term contracts, implementing a franchise network and planning for the continuity and sustainability of your business.

Partnership agreements


ould you like to form a partnership under a legal structure other than a corporation? Whether you want to form a general partnership (G.P.), a non-profit organization, an association or even a cost-sharing partnership, PME Avocats is here to advise you and draft all of the required documentation to ensure a seamless, trouble-free association with your business partners.



ften misunderstood, trusts are among the most powerful tools for managing one’s estate and should be a top priority for any businessperson with an eye toward the future. The team at PME Avocats is proud of their expertise in this area. Whether you want to protect your assets from possible creditors or need prudent fiscal or estate planning, PME Avocats can help you set up the trust you need.

Legal compliance


anaging compliance with the vast number of federal and provincial laws that regulate your business activities can prove to be overwhelming. Let PME Avocats worry about ensuring that your company isn’t in violation of any applicable regulations or legislation. Our team can help you avoid common pitfalls, whether in relation to labor law, observance of the Charter of the French Language or the application of tax law. Furthermore, the attorneys at PME Avocats can identify the laws that apply to your specific line of work and advise you appropriately.



hen it comes to financing your company, there are a number of options available to you: leveraging the company’s share capital, taking out a term loan or demand loan, applying for a line of credit from a banking institution or negotiating terms with your credit providers. These methods can be collateralized in many different ways, including mortgages on personal or real property, subordinated debt, personal guarantees and surety bonds. Your legal advisors at PME Avocats will assist you in choosing and negotiating the method that is best-suited to your particular situation and will ensure that the terms don’t hold any unpleasant surprises in the fine print.

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